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Edmonton Rainbow Valley Park Engagement Photos - Same Sex Couple - Edmonton Photographer

I loved hanging out with these two guys exploring areas of the park they had never seen before (because we have some fun secret spots we go to).

For Jace and Jordons engagement session we headed over to one of my favorite south Edmonton parks, Rainbow Valley Park. It is one of my favorites in the south because it the best park in Edmonton to get the mountain/moody vibes. It features a lazy river, huge pines, and meadows with tall grasses - sounds perfect right?

Jace and Jordon brought along their dog, Theo, which is always a treat for me! First off because I am a huge animal love and because it adds an extra personal touch to a photo shoot when couples can bring along their pets. These two are such a fun couple. Anything I suggested they were up for! Including one of my favorite images to create last year - a piggy back!

Zac and I can't wait for their wedding next summer. It's going to be da' bomb.

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