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Nanaksar Gurdwara & Maharaja Banquet Hall - Sikh Wedding In Edmonton

By this day we had already spent multiple days with Bonnie and Jashan. First for their engagement session which can be seen here and for their pre-wedding events which we will feature in an upcoming blog post. Their wedding day started how most multi-day wedding days start - very early. We arrived to a pretty calm scenario. Bonnie was getting her make-up done by the awesome Sen Studios. Jashan was calmly enjoying the morning while he had his turban tied. It's important to take this relaxing time in because it's about to get crazy. The ladies always arrive to the Gurdwara first. So while Bonnie is hidden inside Jashan parades up to the front steps of the Edmonton Nanaksar Gurdwara for the first event of the day, the Milni. During this time family places floral garlands on immediate family members and sometimes tries to pick eachother up (always a good time). Following the Milni we all enjoy a delicious breakfast before the big moment - the marriage ceremony. There are many elements that make up a Sikh Wedding Ceremony. One of the most important moments is when the couples makes their 4 wedding rounds around the Guru Granth. I always find this to be such an divine moment. The area in which they walk around is surrounded by mirrors which provides tons of opportunity for us to get creative as photographers. Following the ceremony we proceed to the Shagun and then lunch (always amazing at Nanaksar). After we were all fueled up we headed to one of Edmonton's scenic locations. It was a hot and sunny day and we had a great time trying to find shade and using the mid-day sun to our advantage for couples and wedding party photographs. Following photos we headed back to Bonnie's family home for Doli (and more food). Finally we were off Jashan's family home for the final ceremonies. After this they were pretty tired so it was time to sleep! The next day we met up with Bonnie and Jashan at the old museum grounds for some family portraits and couples portraits. This is a favorite location of ours. Then we were onto the big party at the Maharaja Banquet Hall - it did not disappoint. There was tons of amazing food. An EPIC stage. A gorgeous cake. Tunes were provided by the awesome Urban Beats. Everything you could image. We are so thankful to have been part of this wedding. We can't wait to share their film and pre-wedding events with you all.

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