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Who Is Zokah?

Zac + Monikah a.k.a. Zokah (pronounced zoh - ka)

We are photographers and videographers based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We created Zokah in 2013 when we discovered that both of us are motivated by being creative, spending lots of time together adventuring, and capturing the raw emotions of people. In that time we went from dating to married. So believe us when we say "we understand what you are going through" as you plan a wedding and your lives together.

Our biggest passion (besides photography and video, of course) is travelling. We were engaged in the Philippines, married in Edmonton (where we currently live), and honeymooned in Peru. ​Having captured weddings in multiple countries from Jamaica to The Philippines...we are hoping to add many more countries to our list. So far we have adventured Peru, The Philippines, Jamaica, Mexico, The Dominican Republic, The USA, all across Canada, Vietnam, Japan, Laos, and Thailand and Costa Rica.

We love our budgies, coffee (lots of it), thrift store shopping for antiques, snowboarding, diving, spending time with friends/family, and other peoples pets (please bring them to photo shoots!). 

When you are working with us, we want you to feel comfortable and relaxed. After a session it's not uncommon for people to say things like "wow, that was way more fun than I expected!" or "you guys made us feel so comfortable.". We believe that being in front of the camera should be a fun experience not a scary one. 

We are simple people who have created a life that we've both dreamed of. We would love to be a part of your adventure and for you to be a part of ours.

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