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Farm Wedding - Simone and Brandon

They had no idea who each other were when they met online but their mutual friend thought they would make a perfect couple before they ever met. It was fate that they were mean't to be together any everyone knew except for them! Simone and Brandon went on their first date at one of our FAVORITE Edmonton coffee shops, Mandolin Cafe. So it was fitting that we made it down there for some photos on the wedding day, this time it wasn't as awkard for them. ;)

The wedding was held at Brandons family farm. The same place that his parents got married. They laughed, they cried, and they dance down the aisle in celebration of love. The night was filled with tons of food and epic dancing - including some unplanned synchronized dances from newly-weds themselves. Simone and Brandon, thank you for inviting me along on your very special day. We wish you all the love and laughter in your future together.