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Alberta Is Beautiful - Photographing & Filming Diverse Weddings Close To Home - Our 2019 Review

Each year we do a post to reflect on our previous year of work. It is a super cool way to relive the memories of the past year. But as we go through our work we realize something even better than just some pretty photos and videos. What we really notice is the diversity and all of the amazing people we have gotten to work with over the year (and years).

This year alone, we have shot BIG weddings (up to 1000 people) and small weddings (just the couple and us). We have captured Sikh, Hindu, Ethiopian, Ismaili, Arabic, Catholic/Christian, fusion, same sex, and elopement weddings. We have photographed and filmed people who's families are from around the globe - families from Sri Lanka, India, Ethiopia, Zambia, Lebanon, Canada, Italy, Portugal, Philippines, Mexico, and many other beautiful countries. We have worked with engineers, nurses, teachers, accountants, lawyers, trades workers, psychologists, dental hygienists, counsellors, nutritionists, and so many other talented people.

All of our wedding events, this year, were in Alberta (it has been nice to stay close to home, as much as we love travelling). In Alberta's relatively small population we have a huge mix of backgrounds and cultures. Everyday we are so grateful to have a job that allows us to meet such a diverse collection of people. It keeps us well rounded and curious. We are so appreciative of every single person who has trusted Zac and I to photograph or film their once in a lifetime moments. Thank you to all of you who have trusted us when we pose you in weird angles. Who have trusted creative ideas. Thank you to all of you who have invited us into your homes. Who have invited us to meet their families and friends. Alberta truly is one of the most beautiful provinces with amazing people at every corner. We are so thankful to be wedding vendors here. Happy 2020! We can not wait to see what this year brings and who it brings our way.

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