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Hasting Lake Gardens Wedding

On the picturesque September 2nd, Laura and Gary embarked on a journey of love at Hasting Lakes Gardens, just outside of Edmonton. The warmth of the day matched the blossoming flowers, setting the stage for an absolutely stunning celebration.

The iconic gazebo at Hasting Lakes Gardens stood witness to Laura and Gary's vows. The ceremony was a beautiful blend of tradition and personal touches, with friends reciting poems that echoed the sentiments of love. Each moment was etched in time as the couple embarked on their journey together.

After the heartfelt ceremony, the focus shifted to family photos. Laura and Gary's playful spirit shone through as they posed with their loved ones. Laughter echoed through the gardens, capturing the essence of the couple's infectious joy.

The sprawling Hasting Lakes Gardens became a canvas for a breathtaking photo session. The property's natural beauty provided a stunning backdrop, with every click of the camera immortalizing the love that surrounded Laura and Gary. The golden hues of the sunset added a touch of magic to an already enchanting day.

As the day transitioned into night, the celebration moved to the Ardrossan Recreation Complex. Laura and Gary turned their reception into a pizza party extravaganza, courtesy of Nitza's Pizzas. The aroma of delicious pizza filled the air as guests engaged in games like a giant connect four and bean bag toss, creating an atmosphere of fun and celebration

The night unfolded with heartfelt speeches that resonated with love and gratitude. Laura and Gary took to the dance floor, surrounded by the warmth of family and friends. Every step, every word, and every dance move painted a canvas of pure joy and celebration.

Congratulations to Laura and Gary on a wedding that truly reflected the beauty of your love. May your journey ahead be as bright and beautiful as the September day that marked the beginning of your forever. 🌟💕

Check out these awesome photos from Hasting Lake Gardens wedding!


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