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A Look Into Sikh Pre-Wedding Events - Naveenu - Edmonton Photographer - Zokah

So most of you know that Indian weddings are some of the funnest wedding you can attend, and it's true! The week is filled with festivities after festivities and tons of delicious food. It really is all that people rave about. Mandeeps and Navpreets Sikh wedding week starting off with the first Maiyan. Then that evening we danced and sang into the wee hours of the night at the ladies Sangeet. Onto the next day, we hung out at Mandeeps house while she got gorgeous henna applied followed by another Maiyan for her. Finally to end the pre-wedding festivities with a bang, we zipped over the Nav's house where there must of been 200+ ready for another Maiyan and a Jago parade.

Here is a little bit about the pre-wedding ceremonies that Mandeep and Navpreet included in their wedding: Maiyan: The ceremony is the similar for men and women. This purpose of this ceremony is purification. During the ceremony close family and friends rub a mixture of turmeric, flour, and oil. This ceremony gets messy! Depending on the families traditions there will be some variations. Sangeet: This is generally only put on by the brides family. Both men and women are invited to the event. We find everyone celebrates their Sangeet a bit differently. Sometimes it's in a hall, sometimes in a backyard, and sometimes it's in a living room. This event consists of lots of traditional singing. Most often the singing is done by women. Choora: This ceremony is only for the bride. This ceremonies involves a close male family members, usually the maternal uncles, washing multiple bangles in milk and then placing them on the brides wrist. these bangles stay on until at least after the wedding. Mendhi: This party is to celebrate the bride. Friends and family attend. They watch the bride get her intricate henna designs applied while also getting henna applied themselves. Brides often sit for 4+ hours getting the design. It always turns out so beautiful. Only women ever get mendhi applied.

Jago: The word jago means "wake". These celebrations will definitely wake you! Jagos usually happen after a ceremony like the sangeet or maiyan. The family initiate the celebration. The celebration centers around passing around a decorated gagger and a decorated stick with bells then dancing! Sometimes there are even dance offs!

Stay posted for our next blog featuring their wedding, doli, and reception!

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