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Day After Wedding Photo Session - Alberta Destination Wedding Photographer

We spent the week with Sydney and Sheldon in Cancun, Mexico. Their wedding ceremony was at 4pm and sunset was at 6. You can probably deduce that wouldn't leave much time for wedding photos. So instead of feeling stressed on the wedding day we planned for another session during the week we were in Mexico. A day after photo session is the perfect time to get photos in another look and to be stress free during the photo. You can truly focus on getting amazing photos and loving your partner, not the photo that uncle Bob needs to get with you. Day after photo shoots are always a lot of fun because we can usually get a little bit more adventurous with the photos. For these two we start in the pool...yes IN the pool First we had them float a pizza and flamingo floaty. This photo was so popular! It was even featured on the popular wedding blog/Instagram, Looks Like Film. Then they were literally ready to take the plunge in their full wedding outfits. After taking some images into the pool we headed over to the ocean just in time to catch sunset.

We were so lucky because days before there was a lot of seaweed in the ocean and it had just cleared up for us. While wading the the edges of the waves I captured some stunning and romantic images. Sometimes the waves would sneak up and catch us all by surprise which lead to some pretty fun photos too. We stayed out by the ocean until we had no sun left. It was a perfect evening. One thing to keep in mind for a session like this is that your dress WILL collect every piece of sand that it touches when wet. Sydney's dress was literally 10 pounds heavier but she says it was totally 100% worth it for the shot.

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