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A Classy Edmonton Wedding

Wedding days are always extra special when you know that a lot of personal touches have gone into the details. The weddings where they wouldn't have been possible without the help of loving family and friends. Daniela and Dini's wedding was one of those.

For the girls, the morning started in Daniela's childhood home where she did her own hair and make-up (with a little bit of help from her bridesmaids). The guys day started the with fun shenanigans at home (who really know what goes on here haha). The ceremony was beautifully simple. It took place in St Dominic Savio Parish. We love this church because of it's cool architecture and it's bright natural lighting.

Afterwards we headed to one of Edmonton's many gorgeous river valley parks for some fun photos. Everyone was getting attacked by mosquitoes. Daniela even got bite on her face (oh no!) thankfully she didn't seem to mind much. We made sure to make it worth the trouble by getting some pretty photos but we left as soon as possible. We then headed to Concordia, where a mosquito was not to be seen. Their day went so smoothly that it left enough time for Daniela and Dini to take a peak at their reception hall, at the Santa Maria Goretti, before their friends and family arrived. We even got to take some beautiful shots with the decor.

It was pretty much a perfect day, minus the mosquitoes. Thank you Daniela and Dini for bringing us along.

Cupcakes: Fuss Cupcakes

Suit: Derks

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