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Las Caletas Wedding Mexico (Photos)

It all started when we took some engagement photos for Brittany and Taylor last spring. They loved how comfortable they felt and couldn't imagine working with a team that they didn't know for their wedding in Mexico.

The wedding week consisted of Zac and I visiting the zoo, enjoying mojitos, walking the town, and eating LOTS. Enough of us though... the wedding is really what you came here for, right?

It was a laid back day. The ladies and us started our day at 6:30am to catch the boat because that is the only way in and out of Las Caletas. When we arrived at the tropical paradise and were welcomed with parrots, unlimited activities, and more food.

The suite for getting ready was super cool. White walls, wood details, hammocks, and a jacuzzi. It was photogenic to say the least. The staff of Las Caletas made sure they had everything to make the lasies as comfortable as possible. This part of the day was calm and relaxing.

Once the guys arrived in the evening things started to feel real and you could feel the emotion building up.

Brittany and Taylor had 23 people at their wedding (including us) which made their wedding feel more intimate and emotional than your usual wedding. There was many tears shed at the ceremony to say the least.

After the ceremony we adventured Las Caletas finding some unique spots for photos of just the two newlyweds. The beach was great but we also like to capture unique spots for our couples so we headed up a steep set of stairs to the most perfect little rooftop patio.

As they walked into their reception sunset was starting. You could tell they loved all the wood details and the candle lit atmosphere (we did too).

Sunset was timed perfectly with speeches and the first dance which makes for some epic shots. Then it was dance dance dance until we headed back to the boat for a big surprise, fireworks!

What an absolutely perfect day and we hope it was everything Brittany and Taylor dreamed of.

Barcelo Sunset
Walking To The Boat
Catamaran To Las Caletas
Bridal Prep Room
Lunch Food
Cool Parrots On The Island
Wedding Dress and Bridesmaids Dresses
Wedding Rings and Pearls
Having Fun
Writing Her Vows
Bonita Doing Their Make-Up
Bonita Finishing Touches
Bridal Prep Suite
Bride Having Fun With Bridesmaids
Photo With Bridesmaids
Getting Ready
Doing Up The Dress
Putting On Brides Dress
Back Of Dress
Creative Bridal Portraits
Succulent Bouquet
Palm Tree Bridal Portrait
Bride Picture
Groom getting ready
Tieing the tie
Putting On Socks
Guys Helping Groom Get Ready
Buttoning Up Jacket
Evening Ceremony At Las Caletas
Walking The Bride
Grooms Reaction
Saying Vows
Saying I Love You
Putting On The Ring
First Kiss
Las Caletas Palm Ceremony
Everyone At The Wedding
Wedding and Beers
At The Bar
Bride With Bridemaids
Whole Wedding Party
Bride and Groom On The Bridge
Walking On Las Caletas
Las Caletas
At Las Caletas
Puerto Vallarta Wedding
Wedding In Mexico
Destination Wedding Photos
Cool Locations
Vallarta Adventures
Tequila Shot Favor
Bride and Groom Walk In
Sunset at Las Caletas
Kissing at the reception
Sunset father daughter dance
First Dance
First Dance
Reception Candle Lit
Outdoor Reception
Party Time
Wedding Party Dance
In The Ocean
Conga Line
Having Fun
Bride and Groom Dancing
Garder Toss
Garder TOss
On A Boat On The Wedding Day
Wedding Day Fireworks

CLICK ME to see Brittany and Taylors video.

Decor, planning, flowers, and catering: Vallarta Adventures

Make-up: Bonita

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