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5 Tips For Getting The Best Pictures With Your Dog(s)

Many of our clients ask if it's okay for them to bring their dog along to photo shoots and our answer is always "YES". We welcome them with open arms because we understand that they are a very important part of the family....and we just love animals. I always say it's a happier day whenever I get to pet a dog (we don't have on ourselves, just a friendly budgie who won't let us pet him).

Here are our 5 tips for bringing along your fur-friend to photos:

1. Bring along someone to help watch your pet while they aren't needed for photos. This can be a friend or family member. It is easy for your pet to take over the session if you are always running around chasing them. You'll be much more relaxed if you have that extra hand.

2. Go for a walk or let them run around the dog park a couple of hours before your photo-shoot to expel that extra energy.

3. Treats/snacks. Why? Because photos are hard work and sometimes we all need a little motivation.

4. Bring a leash (we will take it off for photos). Even at an off leash park this is important for keeping them nearby.

5. Poop baggies. Your dog has no boundaries.

These few things will make taking pictures with your dog 110% easier! Contact us today for our recommendations of the best spots around town for couples/families dogs to take pictures with their dog(s).

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