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Citie Ballet Photographer - Edmonton Commercial Photographer

We have been lucky enough to film 5 Citie Ballet shows now. This past weekend we had the pleasure of experiencing Illuminate.

The season sponsor for Illuminate was Dentons. To show Dentons how honored they are to have their support Citie Ballet provided Dentons with a personalized photo-shoot. We got the pleasure of photographing it!

We set-up shop in the Dentons Edmonton office. We had 10 minutes (yes 10!) to photograph a couple different scenes. It was pretty fun and for the time we had it turned out great.

If you have never been to a performance should make sure to see one because it's a great way to support our local community and have a night on the every performance has been better than the last so you are sure to be in for a treat!

Funny Ballerina
Dentons Edmonton
Lawyer Funny

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