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Portraits at Walterdale Bridge (The New One!) - Edmonton Photographer

In winter it's easy to get bored because barely any weddings are happening and many people don't want to stand outside for extended periods of time in -20C, which is totally understandable. To be honest we don't really want to either BUT sometime we force ourselves to do thing we don't want. It's good to step out of your comfort zone sometimes. So instead of just lounging around we have been trying out some new things and locations. Like this one, Walterdale bridge (the new one)! This session was the first time we got to visit the new Walterdale bridge and actually the first session we have seen done here. That makes sense because it is kind of awkward to reach and there is construction surrounding it. The challenges leave us more room to get creative and use our technical skills to still get great portraits, so we don't mind it! Have you been wanting to try a new location for portraits? Is there something you have been dying to a photo shoot of? Contact us HERE and let's set up a plan.

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