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Fun Boho Portraits - Unique and DIfferent - Edmonton Photographer

There has been a studio in Edmonton we have been dying to get into and get creative in the space. We had some free time and reached out to our group to see who would be interested in taking part in a photo shoot. The only requirements were that you had to be comfortable wearing a bikini. Thankfully Jenna reached out to us and the rest is history! We are really feeling the vibes of this space in Edmonton. White walls, a beautifully lit black wall, a cozy bed space, and PLANTS...tons and tons of plants. This is a dream when the outside weather is averaging around -20C.

Portraits don't need to be the same as the last person did. It's great to tie your brand or personality into the photos. It makes it more enjoyable for yourself and fun for everyone involved Click HERE to contact us and book your next portrait session!

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