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First Place Award In PWPC - Professional Wedding Photographers Of Canada

Wow! Where do I even start. It was the day before we headed off to Costa Rica when we got the email that said "PWPC winter award winners have been announced!". We love looking at award winning images because it's always so inspiring to see what other photographers are creating. When I looked at the Bride/Groom Portrait category I was shocked. We had won first place - it was such an exciting day! This image could not have been created without a whole lot of team work. Months before the wedding Sydney and Sheldon mentioned that they wanted to do a "trash the dress" day after session while we were with them for their wedding in Mexico and that they were up for doing whatever we suggest - so awesome! When you leave your photos totally up to the creative whim of your photographers you can sometimes end up with an awesome award winning image like this one.

As we wandered across around the Grand Oasis resort Zac got this crazy idea to get Sydney and Sheldon in the POOL in their wedding attire. Zac and I had brought long these floaties for ourselves but the real reason they came along became obvious once this idea was sparked. On the day of the trash the dress photo shoot we suggested getting in the pool to Sydney and Sheldon, they were more than up for the idea. Zac helped them onto to floaties and positioned them around (yes, he was in the pool) while I was photographing above shouting the commands for where to put them. We think this photo turned out pretty awesome and even though we keep seeing it everywhere we still love it so much!

Award Winning Photographer Edmonton

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