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Grand Prairie - Farm Wedding - Kenji and Clare

This past summer Monikah and I made our way up to Grand Prairie for Clare and Kenji’s wedding. Their absolutely beautiful wedding was held on their family farm just outside of the city. Their love for nature was evident as the farm was lush and filled with life just like the many flowers that were used as decorations throughout the event.

The day started as many weddings do with the girls at the salon and the guys sipping some fine tequila as they all got ready. The entire property was a buzz with activity as guests slowly made their way over.

Antique chairs, couches, a large arch with floral arrangements and drapes made the ceremony like a scene from a fairy tale. The emotion and love was felt by everyone who attended this small intimate wedding. The wedding was perfect, being slightly overcast but never raining. It’s always a dream for us when we get to photograph and film in these conditions.

The photo sessions following the ceremony were filled with laughter and smiles. The groomsmen joked around and goofed off while the gals looked stunning. We all had so much fun pop bottles of campaign and taking the most beautiful photos and films.

The reception was held within a tent and was over flowing with flowers and antique décor. Camp coolers filled with beer and Moscow mules made the perfect refreshments after a hot summer afternoon. Delicious family style food and mountains of cupcakes with flower flourishes really were the cherry on top. Warm words and emotion filled the night as Kenji and Clare’s wedding came to an end.

Monikah and I had a fantastic time at Kenji and Clare’s wedding. Everything was stunning and it was evident that months of planning had come together in a beautiful crescendo. Congratulations Kenji and Clare!

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