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Nanaksar Sikh Edmonton Wedding

There is never a dull moment during a Sikh wedding. You are always surrounded by amazing people, vibrant colors, unique traditions. Not a detail goes unnoticed.

Nav and Surinders wedding ceremony took place at the stunning Nanaksar Gurdwara just north of Edmonton. It's amazing to see this building. The construction has been going on since the day construction started many years ago and the work will continue for many years to come. Every detail in this building was crafted by hand. No machine building here!

After their ceremony we headed to the Devonian Gardens for some photos with the wedding whole entourage.

This was folled by some push-ups and negotiating by the groom and his men at the brides house then to grooms for some final ceremonies to officially welcome the bride into the family. AKA the Doli.

The next day started iat the Sandman Signature. We got creative by taking some photos in the Lobby and around the building. It was a welcomed challenge that resulted in some amazing shots.

The reception, held at the Mirage, was nothing but spectacular. Check out the photos yourself to see some decor!

Special thanks from The Mirage Banquet Hall for food, hosting, and decorating; Divinity Productions for wicked music; Triple L Cakes for their cake work; Amanda Bhullar-Gill for the amazing Make-Up; Jasmine Lalli for awesome Mendhi Work; dance performance by The Shadow Twins; and anyone else that wasn't mentioned here for making our jobs as photographers/videographers easier.

Zac is amazing. He also created a same week edit to play at their reception. I don't know how he does it!


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