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Ice Castles YEG

Sometimes in Edmonton it is hard to find new and exciting locations to use for photography, Ice Castles YEG has made our job easy. We just HAD to get a team together and make some magic happen. Thank you to everyone who took part in this photo shoot. It couldn't have happened without you. This beautiful art installment makes you feels as though you are truly in a winter wonderland. It's easy to see where all of talk and excitement comes from!

Make sure to take a visit the Ice Castles and see what everyone is talking about. There is so much to do here from the ice slide, to drinking hot chocolate, to hanging out by the fire eating mini donuts.

Also, for all of you looking at these photos and thinking, "Anastasia must be so cold!", you are right. She is one tough girl though. It was only around -3 which is normally "warm" for us Canadians but when are are just standing in one spot in a dress it's not so warm anymore. Between shots we made sure to bundle her up and get her some of those life saving hot packs.

Model: Tyler Dent

Hair+Makeup: Riti Jain

Suit: Express

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