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Kiran and Prahb - Same Day Edit - Edmonton Sikh Wedding

Recently, Monikah and I had an absolute blast capturing the enchanting wedding of Kiran and Prab. Seriously, folks, this event was nothing short of a fairy tale, and I'm still wrapping my head around the fact that it's already come and gone!

Kiran and Prabh had the most beautiful wedding week filled with events. They had a traditional Sikh wedding so we went through the normal events. The Maiyan, Mehndi, Sangeets, and of course the Choora. It was a fantastic week and I really enjoyed getting to know Kiran and Prabh.

The wedding day started with Kiran and Prab getting ready separately in the morning. And let me tell you, it was a total heartwarming moment when Kiran's Dad tied Prabh's Pug in the morning. Shoutout to Sen Studios for pulling off some real magic with Kiran – she looked absolutely fabulous!

Now, onto the main event – the wedding itself took place at the stunning Gurdwara Millwoods. And let's just say, it was perfection personified. Kiran and Prab were beaming from ear to ear and even exchanged a fist bump during the ceremony. Talk about couple goals!

Post-ceremony, we whisked ourselves over to the U of A Botanical Gardens for a jaw-dropping photo session, courtesy of the talented Micheal Angelo. Seriously, those pictures are like something out of a dream. Of course, we wrapped up the day in the best way possible – with some lively door games and the grand Doli tradition.

Hold onto your seats because the Same Day Edit is officially live and waiting for your viewing pleasure on our Facebook page and Vimeo. Please enjoy Kiran and Prahbs' Same Day Edit from Edmonton.


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