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Same Day Edit - Sikh Wedding Film - Edmonton, AB

We spend a week with Nav + Mandeep (aka Naveenu) photographing/filming their traditional Sikh wedding. The week was full of laughter, tears, beautiful traditions, keeping with with Instagram, food, and more food.

It's always amazing watching two families come together, but when the families are as kind as Naveenu's families were it makes it extra special. From the moment we stepped into their homes we were instantly welcomed and treated like family until the moment we left the reception. Our hearts were very full.

We are so excited for these two and can't wait to share some more photos and videos from their day.

Ceremony: Nanaksar Gurdwara

Hair + Make-up: Kesar Designs

Photo + Video: Us! (Zokah)

Reception/Decor: Maharaja Banquet Hall

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