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We Are Heading To Asia...Again! - Edmonton Photographer Who Travels

Hey everyone! As some of you know we usually go away for a month every year to escape the cold and just to vacation. Originally, we were planning to fly to Costa Rica with family, but we are going to go next year instead.

Then we were going to go to Belize but it was too expensive for what we wanted to do.

So next we planned for Morocco but the weather was going to be too cold (yes, apparently, the desert gets cold).

...and then we were going to head to Bali. We were 100% set on Bali because it was perfect BUT there is a giant volcano that is going to erupt anytime here and cover the entire island in ash. Shoot.

Finally, we chose Thailand.

Why Thailand? Well we have many things planned but what we are most excited for is getting our PADI in the second cheapest place in the world, attempting to dive with Manta rays, relaxing in nature, eating LOTS, experiencing the Thai New Year in Bangkok, exploring waterfalls, and seeing all the other amazing things Thailand has to offer...all for pretty cheap!

In the end we are so very excited to head to Thailand for 6 weeks. Have you been? What was your favorite part about Thailand?

Here are some photos from previous Asia adventures

You can follow our adventure by vlog on our Youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCq2GCrs-ulybzlodm-Z4eA

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