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Fall Wedding In Fort Saskatchewan -Edmonton Wedding Photographer

I first met these two sweet hearts when we photographed them in their favorite season, fall. At the time we first met they didn't have plans to get married BUT a couple months later asked if I could be their wedding photographer. Of course, I was so excited to be a part of their day. Naturally, Kayla and Nathan had to have a fall wedding and in Kayla's home town, Fort Saskatchewan. I had not spent much time out in the area so I was very excited to be somewhere new. The wedding and reception took place at West River's Edge Pavilion. This hall is situated in the prettiest location...right along the edge of a pond, surrounded by trees, and you can watch sunset through their floor to ceiling windows.

After the ceremony the day got pretty cloudy which was totally okay because there was so much life and color in all the fall leaves. Then, because of the clouds we were certain that there would not be any sunset BUT for 10 brief minutes the clouds separated just at the right time and we got the most spectacular sunset. It was a beautiful day and it is always an honor to photograph amazing couples just like Kayla and Nathan. Seeing how obviously in love they are is such a blessing and meeting their loved ones is always a treat.

Congratulations Kayla and Nathan!

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