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Family Photos - How Do I Organize Them?! - Edmonton Wedding Photographer

Organizing people can be a very daunting task. Family photos on your wedding day where organization is the KEY to making things go smoothly. This process can take an hour+ if you don't have some kind of system going on. Here is the 5 step process you need to follow:

Step 1 - Have a list printed or sent to your photographer of all the family members you would like photos with and the combinations.

Step 2 - Let everyone on the list know that they will be in family photos ahead of time, especially if you have listed people outside your immediate family.

Step 3 - Pick a convenient and easy to access area to take the photos. This usually where the ceremony happened or outside nearby.

Step 4 - Assign a person who is loud and proud to call names and check off the list. This can also be our second shooter.

Step 5 - Happy dance because, that was easy!

Time Needed: 20 - 45 minutes|Depending on the size of your family/length of your list/how well your family listens.

Basically every time we do family photos at a wedding we get comments like "wow! that was fast" or "we can't believe how easy that was"! That is because of this process. There is enough craziness going on a wedding day, we don't need to make family photos one of those times.

BONUS! Click HERE to download our basic family photos checklist. Your welcome! ;)

Contact us for a customizable word doc or to book your wedding.

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