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Hawrelak Park Ice Skating Engagement Session - Edmonton Photographer - Zokah

You might be thinking, why would anyone want to get their pictures taken in Edmonton in winter!? It’s cold, icy, hard to breath, and you feel like a penguin all bundled up!? Well, the truth is winter can create some of the most stunning and unique images. Half of the world has never seen snow. The white blanket creates amazing lighting basically anywhere you go. You will also get an amazed reaction from all of your friends and family when they see your unique photos.

When couples like Jacqueline and Reese have a shared hobbies, we love in-cooperating them into their photo-shoot. Jacqueline and Reese (especially Reese) love ice-skating. Reese has been skating and playing hockey since he was 4 years old! Surprisingly it was a bit of a challenge to find good ice in December since it was too warm (yes, too warm in December). Thankfully Edmonton has tons of parks and we managed to find some great ice at Hawrelak Park. They were super cute skating together.

These two also love their dogs very much. We also love dogs too so obviously we had bring them out for a few photos. It can be a bit chaotic when dogs come along to photo shoots and this time we had two with us! Their dogs seemed to have a lot of fun though and thankfully we had some amazing dog-sitters with us. Overall, this session made me feel thankful to be an Edmonton photographer (even when it is below 0C) because this turned into a super awesome photo shoot…see for yourself below. Have you checked out our previous post with tips and tricks about bringing dogs to photo shoots? You can see it HERE.

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