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What is this "Golden Hour" that photographers are talking about? - Edmonton Photographer -

Golden hour. Magic hour. Sunset. Sunrise. Dawn. Dusk. All the same beautiful light!

There is nothing better (to photographers) than a clear or partly cloudy sunset sky.

If you've reached out to us about doing a photo-shoot you probably know that we always photograph an hour before sunset or sunrise if you are willing!). You are hiring a professional photographer to ensure you get the best pictures to last for years to come. The last thing you need in those pictures is bad lighting! This is why we always try to take photos in the mornings or evenings.

Our Top 3 reasons why we LOVE photographing at golden hour: 1- It makes any location look like a glowy and magical scene.

2 - Flattering light at all angles. With the light on the horizon is allows us to control where we want the light angled (instead of typical mid-day always above your head sun) 3 - Golden hours are like finger prints, every single one is unique. This makes every photo taken at this time it's own. For those of you wondering if we have a preference for sunrise or sunset. We would have to say sunrise. In the morning the world is waking up, the air is calm, and for some reason the light is just a bit better BUT sunset will do just fine for your pictures. We aren't in the business of making people wake up at ungodly hours. With all of that said, we don't always photograph at golden hour. In fact, most wedding portraits take place in the middle of the day in Canada. In the summer sunset can be as late as 10pm and as early as 5:40am! This has made us be masters of natural light and sometimes we LOVE the challenge of using mid-day sun. Reach out to us HERE and to set-up your golden hour session.

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