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Tips For Staying Warm During Your Winter Photo Shoot - Edmonton Photographer - Zokah

When you live somewhere like Edmonton (basically the north pole) you understand how cold half of the year can be. You also must understand that the world goes on and work still has to happen (we dream of living somewhere that snow days exist). For us, that means we spend a good amount of our time photographing/filming in temperatures below 0. We have found many ways for ourselves to cope. Coping includes wearing multiple layers of wool, snow pants, and running around. For our clients though that doesn't really work because who wants photos of themselves feeling like a penguin in snow gear. So here are our top tips for staying warm during your winter photo shoots. Tip #1: Wear a big warm comfy coat (it doesn't have to be nice, just warm!). This will be coming off for the photos but you will be so thankful for that warm jacket waiting for you.

Tip #2: Hot Packs! These are one modern day invention that we are VERY thankful for. We never photograph a winter wedding or head out to a winter engagement session without these in tow. They make a world of a difference.

Tip #3: Bring warm props like a thermos filled with hot tea/coffee or a big cozy blanket. These things can make for very adorable pictures too. Tip #4: Have fun! It's easier to stay warm you are skating, running around, having a snowball fight, snowboarding, or just laughing together. Don't let the cold weather scare you off from taking pictures in winter. In fact, some of the most AMAZING sunsets seem to happen in winter. Winter is gorgeous!

Here is what we look like when we are photographing in winter (pretty ridiculous right!?):

Now here are some images of our amazing clients looking perfect (and somewhat warm during their winter photo-shoots)

Engagement session in winter
winter photos
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having fun in winter
snowfall edmonton
winter sunsets
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cute winter photos
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skating in hawrelak
ice skating engagement photos
winter wonderland images
happy in winter

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