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Country Engagement Session - Lacombe County - Edmonton Photographers - Zokah

Have you ever thought about taking photos in during one of Canada's most testing seasons? These two did! Read their story:


We always ask our coupes to pick a location that personally relates to them. We find it makes engagement sessions more enjoyable for you. Mostly because you are somewhere you love to be or are doing something you love (with the one you love). So for Laura and Yannick they picked Yannicks family farm. Often times when a location is out of town (like Lacombe for this session) we don't know what we are walking into. We aren't able to scout the location because it is an hour+ away so everything is a suprise to us. Most of the time it totally works out and we have fun in the process exploring a new place. So onwards we went to the family farm and to our excitement it was stunning! We drove in through a row of hoar frosted trees only to be delighted with the sight of a piece of land with every possible awesome thing you can find on a farm like a stunning red barn, wide open snowy fields, and stacks of hay-bails. Uh - yes please!! But guys...weren't you cold!? It's winter?! To answer that, yes. In fact it was just starting to blizzard and was -15C. Honestly though - Zac and I can't even complain because we were wearing snow pants, wool sweaters, and our winter jackets. Meanwhile Laura and Yannick were braving the cold in just their regular clothes (We did take regular warm up breaks, but still...). These two were so great! Thankfully they had each other to cuddle to warmth. Thanks Laura and Yannick for being so fun to work with. Can't wait for the wedding!! Reach out to us HERE to book your engagement session (for any season) or wedding package for 2019.

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