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We're on an adventure - Zokah Photo and Video - Edmonton

OK... guys! It's that time of year. We are off to vlog and photograph a new adventure. Where are we going this time? Thailand!! You might be thinking "oh great, another person going to Thailand, it can't be that awesome.". You may be right! There are some areas in Thailand so suffocated by tourists they aren't even worth going to. We are going to try avoiding some of those places by following our own path in Thailand. A lot of people ask us, "well what are you going to do there?" so here are some of our plans:

  • Spend a couple weeks chillaxing on the beach.

  • Get our scuba diving certificate (neither of us have ever been!)

  • Dive the Similan Islands with manta rays and maybe whale sharks

  • Snorkel with real sharks

  • Visit 2 national parks (Khao Sok + Khao Sam Roi Yot)

  • Try to see WILD elephants

  • Stay in a hut on the river

  • Drive scooters for km's + km's

  • Take an overnight train to northern eastern Thailand

  • Explore a temple built into a mountain that barely any tourists visit

  • possibly cross over into Laos

  • Experience Songran Festivities (giant water fights in the street!)

  • Visit tons of temples

  • Eat bugs!

We will not be heading to Chiang Mai (burning season) or to Phuket to do the 5 island tour but that is okay because we will be seeing so much of the other things Thailand has to offer. We totally appreciate these recommendations but we both like to avoid crowds (and inflated prices haha). Thank you so much to everyone who supported us in 2017/2018 and has made this adventure possible!

Follow our adventure on one of these ways:

Youtube: Travel Vlog

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