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Fusion Downtown Edmonton Wedding - Edmonton Wedding Photography

Jackies and Reese's wedding was a crazy day. It was jam packed with traditional ceremonies and fun adventure.

Starting with the ever beloved door games. We always love seeing what the wedding party comes up with. The rule is the more embarrassing, and disgusting, and difficult - the better. We have seen groomsmen throw up from things they've had to do. Reese and his guys were all pretty tough so we didn't get to see any tears or sickness this time. Some of the things these guys had to do was wear a womens bra and panty, drink a mixture of gross liquids, walk up and down the parking pad with a banana between their butt cheeks (yup hahah), sing a girl pop song, and pass a seaweed strip to the mouth of every groomsmens without using hands AND if it was dropped they had to start at the beginning. It was all great entertainment.

After the doors games Jackie had her first look with Reese. As she came down the stairs with her dad there was a look of pure joy on both of their faces both from the happiness of the moment and I think (for Reese) relief that he made it alive through the door games...just was because Jackie looked stunning.

Their traditional Chinese ceremony took place at her family home. It was fun to see Reeses family experience the traditional tea ceremony. Everyone was excited. After tea was presented in hello kitty cups by Jackie and Reese, family exchanged gifts and shared their words of wisdom or blessings with the soon to be wed couple.

After the traditional Chinese events we headed over to the Royal Glenora Club for their western wedding ceremony. It was a beautiful sunny day. A perfect day for an outdoor ceremony on the terrace.

Everything from the Royal Glenora went smoothly and we then headed over to the Alberta Legislature Grounds for some formal pictures with the family, wedding party, and the couple. The Alberta Legislature is a special place for Jackie and Reese because this is where they had their very first date! I love tying in personal thoughts and feeling with photo shoots, especially on such and important date like a wedding. Finally we headed back to the Royal Glenora for the reception. It was an elegant and fun evening filled with donuts, rose and champagne decor, delicious food, tears, laughs, and lots of dancing.

Thanks for having me to spend the day capturing your amazing wedding. Congratulations Jackie and Reese! <3

Also, did we mention...Jackie is a wedding planner herself! Make sure to check out her company Roze Events for your wedding planning and coordination.

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