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Family Portraits In The Snow - Riverlot 56 Family Photos.

Winter Family Photography
Winter Family Photography

We don't advertise a lot of our family photo sessions because that is not our main thing, BUT once in a while we have one of our past clients come to us asking for family photos and it's always a treat photographing them. We have known this little family since almost the beginning of Zokah. We filmed Kristen and Tyrell's wedding about 5 years ago. They had one of the most memorable weddings for us - to put it simply, their wedding ceremony was held in Jasper, outside, IN FEBRUARY, in the middle of a blizzard, was only candlelit, at night, on the top of a mountain. So yeah, this couple (now family) are pretty wild and fun. Since then, they have had a child (obviously). We first got to meet Chester when he was a baby to photograph their family for the first time. Now that the family has grown, Kristen and Tyrell wanted some updated family photos and in their classy adventurous style - of course they wanted their family pictures taken in the middle of winter. The whole family froze their butts off but the results were worth it. Winter photos are some of the most striking images because of the clean white scenery.

We LOVE capturing images in winter because of the clean wonderland palette we get to work with. This session was exactly that. We wandered around Riverlot 56 in St.Albert (our favorite winter park). I had fun chasing dogs, playing in the snow, and just having a good time in general. Anyways, check out their Riverlot 56 Family photos below. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

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