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Anges and Matt - Edmonton Engagement Photography

I'm thrilled to share the wonderful engagement session of Anges and Matt! We had a fantastic time exploring some of Edmonton's most picturesque locations to capture their love story. From downtown's eclectic mix of historical and modern architecture to the iconic Walterdale Bridge with stunning views of the city skyline and The Muttart Conservatory's serene beauty, it was a day filled with magic and romance.

We started at our secret spot downtown, a hidden gem that never fails to provide the perfect backdrop for big-city vibes. The blend of old and new buildings made for a stunning setting that perfectly captured the essence of this lovely couple. Next, we made our way to the Walterdale Bridge, where the modern architecture and breathtaking views made for an unforgettable photo shoot. Despite the chilly weather, Anges and Matt were troopers, and their love for each other shone brightly in every shot.

Finally, we wrapped up the day at The Muttart Conservatory, where the melting snow's reflections added enchantment to an already stunning location. Anges and Matt's devotion to each other was evident in every photo, and their upcoming wedding next month promises to be just as magical as their Edmonton engagement photography.


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