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Ashley and Connor - Edmonton Wedding Photography

Ashley and Connor's wedding in Edmonton, Alberta was an absolute marvel, and Monikah and I were privileged to capture the magic through our lenses.

The day commenced at the stunning Blackhawk Golf Course, just outside Edmonton, where Ashley and Connor shared an enchanting first look. Connor's eyes sparkled with delight as he beheld his beautiful bride, Ashley.

Following the first look, we ventured to the iconic U of A Convocation Hall, a breathtaking venue boasting Edmonton's finest historical buildings. The wedding party added an extra dose of fun and energy to the photoshoot. Ashley and Connor exuded a captivating chemistry, making our task of capturing their love effortless.

With the formal photography complete, we proceeded to the Westin Hotel in downtown Edmonton for the wedding ceremony. Though brief, it overflowed with love and warmth. After exchanging heartfelt vows, we immortalized the moment with family photos against a backdrop of the wedding ceremony flowers.

The festivities transitioned seamlessly to the reception, held just across the hall. The evening brimmed with joy, delectable food, heartfelt speeches, and touching moments like the cake cutting and the couple's first dance.

This extraordinary day will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Congratulations to the newlyweds, Ashley and Connor. May their journey be filled with everlasting love and happiness.


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