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Central Edmonton Wedding - Royal Glenora Club - Edmonton Wedding Photography

As a photographer, I am fortunate to witness countless love stories unfold through my lens. There was something truly magical about one of the recent weddings Zac and I had the pleasure of photographing. The wedding was held in early spring before the leaves had started blooming, and the air was filled with anticipation and the promise of new beginnings.

After a calm morning of getting wedding ready, we headed to the historic Our Lady Queen of Poland Catholic Church, where the couple exchanged their vows in a heartfelt ceremony. The church provided a picturesque backdrop for the emotional moments shared between the couple, their families, and friends. The sunlight filtering through the stained glass windows added a touch of dreaminess to the moment.

After the ceremony, we made our way to the University of Alberta, our favourite photo location. The sprawling campus offers lots of architecture and nature to photograph against. Against the backdrop of more historic buildings and the stillness of the pre-spring scene, we captured timeless moments that will forever be cherished.

The reception was held at the newly renovated Royal Glenora Club, the renovations that seamlessly blend the old with the new. The stunning renovation was a testament to the club's commitment to preserving its history while embracing modern elegance. The ballroom, adorned with chandeliers and breathtaking views of the Edmonton River Valley, had an atmosphere of sophistication and celebration.

To the incredible vendors who made this day possible, a heartfelt thank you. The ceremony venue, Our Lady Queen of Poland Catholic Church, provided a spiritual sanctuary for the couple's union. The University of Alberta offered a backdrop of timeless beauty for their formal photos. Finally, the Royal Glenora Club, with its extraordinary renovation, set the stage for an unforgettable evening of celebration. Finally, the talented team at Lush and Lavish Beauty expertly crafted everyone's hair and makeup.

As a photographer, I feel privileged to be entrusted with capturing the essence of love and happiness. This early spring wedding in Edmonton was a testament to the beauty of new beginnings and the joy that blossoms when two hearts intertwine. The memories we created that day will forever be treasured, reminding us that love is truly the most beautiful thing to behold.


Ceremony Venue: Our Lady Queen of Poland Catholic Church

Reception Venue: Royal Glenora Club

Hair and Makeup: Lush and Lavish Beauty

Photography: Zokah Photo & Video

Edmonton Wedding Photography


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