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What are the benefits of hiring one vendor to take photos & video? Our top 3 reasons - Edmonton

Wedding planning can be so stressful. Wouldn't it be nice you could have less vendors to deal with on your wedding day? What if your wedding vendors could read each other's minds?!

In this blog we are going to share the benefits of hiring one company to cover both photography and video for you wedding. We will also be featuring Natalie and Aaron's wedding. Natalie and Aaron hired Zokah for both photography and video for their wedding in Edmonton.

There are many big pros to hiring one team for all of your wedding production needs. Some of the big benefits are:

2. Affordability. Don't get us wrong - we understand that investing in an experienced wedding photographer and videographer is expensive but when you book both with us we can usually offer a slight discount for package bundling.

1. Mind readers. Well not really, but you will be working with a husband and wife team - we can basically read each others minds haha. Wedding days are so busy and your photographers/film makers need to be able to work together efficiently and effectively. We have done it so many times that it's basically second nature to us.

3. Two birds with one stone. One less vendor to communicate with. You already have so many vendors to meet and coordinate with so why not make it easier on yourself and hire less vendors. We have heard this is one of the major perks to clients who chose to go with us for both photo and video. So what does a typical day look like when you hire Zokah to photograph and cover a highlight film? It looks just like any other wedding day - it's just easier because you are working with one team. Scroll down to check out Natalie and Aaron's wedding film and their photos shot in Edmonton, Alberta.

Wedding Film:

Wedding Images: