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Banff Engagement Photography

Zac and I loveee camping so when Amanda let us know that she wanted to have her engagement session in Banff we were sold! We camped out for two nights and spent a day scouting all the close locations to Banff to do their evening engagement session.

Some of the locations we scouted were the town of Banff(to busy!), Two Jack Lake (not blue enough), Johnson Lake (not epic enough), Cascade Ponds(no water!), climbed up a waterfall(we didn't want them to be sweaty), and then finally Lake Minnewanka(this was the best!!).

We were blessed with gorgeous sapphire blue water, a beach, a dock, an island that perfectly caught sunset, and dangerous(but not so dangerous) looking cliffs. This is the stuff we dream of and it was all at one location!

Thank you for Amanada and Harrison for not even hesitating when we asked you to climb down a rock wall. You two are so amazing. We can't express how excited we are to photograph Amanda and Harrison's wedding next summer!

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