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Edmonton Couple In Married Jamaica

It was a month from the time we met Steph and Eric to the time they recieved their wedding photos. In that time we even maged to squeeze in a trip to Jamaica!

The truth is there was a minor situation that caused their original amazing photographer to be unable to travel to Jamaica to photograph in the Carribean but thankfully we were available. So just like that Zac and I headed to sunny Jamaica to photograph a wedding. Since it was my first wedding in the Carribean I think it's fair to say that I was pretty excited.

Steph and Eric got married at the Gran Bahai Principe in Runaway Bay. I don't think these two could have picked a better day to get married. It was sunshine all day and followed by a perfect Sunset.

The wedding took place in a Gazebo on the beach overlooking the ocean (how amazing, right?).

The reception was held under a tent, again on the beach. The size of the wedding doesn't determine how much fun a wedding will be it is the people who you are surrounded. This wedding proved that! It was a small wedding of about 25 people and they danced and danced and partied until the wee hours of the morning.

Congratulations you two!

"Yeah Man"

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