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Chateau Lacombe Wedding Film - Downtown - Edmonton Wedding Videos

Did you get the chance to check out their wedding photos yet too?! Go HERE to see them all.

Excerpted from the previous post: "Buhle and Gregs wedding day was nothing but fun, high energy, colorfulness, and dancing, and more dancing...In fact we were super intimidated when everyone wanted us to dance in the circle because even the 5 year olds were super skilled (we did it anyway haha)!

As people who have a deep appreciation for beautiful architecture , this day was extra special because the ceremony took place at Edmonton Central SDA Church. This church is gorgeous! Vaulted HIGH wood ceilings. Amazing! Also, to see a wedding party of 20 (yes, 20!) people fit up on the stage was pretty impressive.

After the ceremony we headed to the museum grounds. It was the perfect area to fit the enormous wedding party and get a good variety of photos. It was fun working with this many people. This wedding is still on our record for the biggest official wedding party.

For the reception we headed over to the Chateau Lacombe. Whenever we get to work at Chateau Lacombe, we know it is going to be a good reception. The reception hall is surrounded by mirrors and the chandeliers are perfection...the food is pretty great too!"

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