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How To Prepare For Your Mountain Photoshoot - Mountain Parks Photographer - Zokah

Living in Alberta we are super blessed to live only a few hours drive to some of the most stunning mountain ranges the world has to offer in Jasper, Banff, Kanaskis...the list goes on. Photo shoots in the mountains are great for everyone because they can be as simple or as extreme as you want!

Things to consider:

Walking. The mountains are so powerful for a reason, they are big! Big spaces means lots of walking. So bring good shoes and just carry those pretty heels to change into. Time. You should be prepared for a full day event whether you are hiking to an epic location or driving from one place to the next. Photo-shoots in the mountains are usually 2+ hours in ONE location. Weather. The mountains are this magical place where it can be warm and sunny in one place then rainy and stormy 10 minutes away. So be prepared for everything! Sometimes you need to wear a coat over your clothes in and then take it off quick for some quick shots. It's also a great to have a cute umbrella with you in the case of rain. Food. It's a good idea to bring snacks and water. When we are 1 hour from the nearest town or on top of a mountain and just about to start taking pictures, the last thing you want to feel is uncomfortable because you are dehydrated and hungry. Bonus points if you bring a thermos full of coffee or tea...the best way to warm up.

Cost. It is an investment to get photos taken in the mountains. The main two reason are the driving and time. Believe us, it's worth it! Timing. Timing is everything when it comes to mountain light. If you tell you that the best time to be at a certain location, you better listen because we know what we are talking about. Sometimes those times are inconvenient but you are investing in photos so make it worth it. All things considered, the mountains are the best place to do any type of photo shoot. We are always ecstatic when our clients let us know they want to head to Banff, Jasper, or any other scenic mountain location for photo.

Are you getting married in the mountains or are you wanting to take some photos with pretty mountains? Contact us and we can get things happening!

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