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Edmonton Frozen Themed Wedding - Parkview Community League

We have already shared Melissa and Jame's wedding video BUT now it is time to take a peek into their day through photos.


If you haven't gotten a chance to check out the video you can watch it here: M+J Video


Excerpt from the video post about their wedding:

"Are you ready for this one!? Melissa and James had a very unique wedding theme...Frozen! Yes, their whole wedding was Frozen themed. You could see touches all throughout the day...from the grooms outfit, to the ribbons on the brides corset, to the bouquets, to the reception decor, and even the grand entrance when Melissa and James sang a duet to Love Is An Open Door.

You won't want to miss watching this one...there is inspiration for an intimate ceremony. There morning ceremony was just the two of them with their closest family and friends (and their ADORABLE chihuahua puppies (seriously they are so cute)).

After the first ceremony and getting ready we headed to Parkview Community Leaugue. Melissa and James had both their wedding and reception at Parkview Community League and it was great!

Between the Ceremony and Reception we headed to Tim Hortons (because they first met at Timmies) then we swung over to the Buena Vista Park and the zoo for pictures.

You can really feel the love Melissa and James have for each other and all the ones around them. We love being videographers in Edmonton because we get to meet many wonderful people."


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