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Deena and Emad's Edmonton Lebanese Wedding Video

Last summer, I had the privilege of documenting the exquisite union of Deena and Emad, a heartwarming Lebanese wedding right here in Edmonton. The day was adorned with the warmth of the season, and love seemed to float in the air, setting the perfect backdrop for their memorable journey.

Our day commenced with the bridal preparations at Vanity Box, while the groomsmen readied themselves at home, full of anticipation and excitement. Emad embarked on a meaningful journey to his grandparent's home, where traditional Arab dancing and wedding ceremonies played an integral role in honouring his heritage.

The day reached a crescendo with the eagerly awaited first look and a photography session, an experience we'll treasure forever. The majestic Fairmont Hotel Macdonald provided an elegant and picturesque setting for our formal photo session, beautifully captured by the skilled team at Dixies Photography.

The day transitioned seamlessly into the evening, and our celebration continued at Northlands, where Talent Productions set the mood with their mesmerizing tunes, creating a magical atmosphere. The night was filled with laughter, heartfelt speeches, and joyous dancing, making it an unforgettable chapter in Deena and Emad's love story.

I had the incredible privilege of witnessing Deena and Emad's promise of a lifetime, a promise that transcended cultural boundaries and celebrated love in all its splendour. It was a truly wonderful day, and I am grateful to have been part of their Edmonton Lebanese Wedding Video.


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